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K9 Splash has a large custom built swimming pool for dogs and is situated in Rochdale near Manchester, providing Canine Hydrotherapy, which is one of the best forms of exercise for dogs as it engages nearly every muscle in the anatomy. It allows the dog to exercise in a non weight bearing environment which relieves pressure on joints whilst encouraging a full range of joint movement, muscle development and improved cardiovascular strength.

Hydrotherapy is a fantastic addition to your dog’s exercise regime, whether it’s just for fun, weight loss or medical rehabilitation, it’s a stimulating, enjoyable way to help your best friend enjoy a happier, healthier and potentially longer life.

Following an initial assessment of your dog’s general health and medical history, our qualified Canine Hydrotherapist will tailor a specific exercise programme to meet your dog’s needs.

We are an active member of the National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists (NARCH), and operate to their guidelines following industry best practice which can be evidenced on NARCH inspection visits.

Our custom built 7m canine hydrotherapy pool includes a balance pod and swim jets to allow for a wider range of treatment programmes, designed for maximum effect. The large pool size allows relaxed natural behaviour and movement.

The pool is maintained at 29 degrees C which is the optimum temperature to encourage blood flow to your dog’s muscles. This is important as your dog will be working harder than they would on land.

The pool water is filtered, treated and checked 3 times per day to ensure the water quality remains constant. We favour Bromine to treat the water as this does not have the strong smell associated with Chlorine and we believe it is more gentle on the dog's coat.

With the exception of medical swims, owners are most welcome to join their dog in the pool (by prior arrangement). Just bring T-shirt and shorts / swimming costume or even a wet suit if you have one! Changing and dog friendly shower facilities are available for your convenience.

Please read our full terms and conditions ahead of your appointment.