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About us

Our story starts with Bailey, my Chocolate Labrador. Having been diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia quite early in life and watching her begin to struggle on her walks, I was desperate to do all I could to help her maintain a good quality of life.

After consultation with her vet, Bailey was placed on medication to alleviate the pain and inflammation around her joints. Expensive hip operations were discussed with no guarantee of success.

Her vet also highlighted some complimentary therapies so I was keen to explore this area as a more natural way of helping her and conservatively managing the condition as opposed to surgery.

Following extensive research, I decided to give hydrotherapy a try.

With no local facility in the Rochdale area, I had to take regular lengthy trips to get her the treatment she needed but, within a short period of time, I was amazed at the difference it was making to her life.

From the dog that showed no interest in exercise due to her condition, to one that wouldn’t stop swimming in the pool!

In a relatively short period of time, I had a brighter, fitter, stronger and more active Bailey who couldn’t wait for her next swim. I saw a big difference in her energy levels and mobility on our walks.

I was sold on the benefits of hydrotherapy and wanted to learn more as well as share Bailey’s experiences with other dog owners in the hope of helping them too.

Having gained the necessary qualifications in small animal hydrotherapy, undertaking my training at the world renowned Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre in Surrey, I’m now able to bring a professional hydrotherapy service to the canine community of Rochdale and surrounding areas through K9 Splash Hydrotherapy Centre, fulfilling our aim of improving the health and general well being of as many of our local canine friends as we can.