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Fun Exercise Swim

If you’re looking for a new way of stimulating your dog to break up the usual walk routine, hydrotherapy is a fantastic option.

Not only is it a fun experience, but great exercise too, in a safe, warm and clean environment. Whilst your dog is having fun in the pool, they will be working harder than they would do whilst out on the walk. This is due to the water resistance created in the pool.

It’s actually been estimated that a 10 minute hydrotherapy session is equivalent in exercise to a 2 mile walk.

Your dog will also use a wider variety of muscles in the pool which will help to build additional support around the joints and at the same time, strengthening the cardiovascular system.

Lots of dogs are natural born swimmers and thrive in the pool. Even those that aren’t water babies will usually grow to love their swims in just a few sessions. This is achieved by careful and controlled introduction to overcome any initial fears.