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Puppy Swim

For the first 18 to 24 months of your dog’s life, depending on size and breed, growth plates in bones will remain open. This means the bones are soft and not yet fully developed (Ossified). Your puppy’s muscles will also be developing and not yet able to effectively deal with the same level of exercise as a fully developed dog.

Over exercising your dog during this period can cause damage to the bones and joints that will stay with your dog for the rest of it’s life.

High impact activities that put extra pressure on your puppy’s bones and joints during this growth stage should be limited.

Hydrotherapy is a great addition to a puppy’s exercise routine with many benefits:

  • It’s a non weight bearing exercise so no impact on joints.
  • It Helps to develop muscle mass to support joints.
  • It provides mental stimulation – a new and fun experience!
  • Get’s your dog used to water at an early stage in it’s life.

Puppy swims can commence from 12 weeks.