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Senior Swim

As your dog enters it’s senior years, you will tend to see a decrease in activity, commonly caused by arthritis in the joins leading to discomfort when exercising.

The body will no longer be able to do what the mind wants it to without suffering some degree of pain, which will be frustrating for your dog.

Reduced exercise will also have an impact on your dogs general strength and stamina, and will lead to further degeneration as muscle wastage occurs.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to help maintain fitness and muscle mass in senior dogs.

The non weight bearing environment created in the pool will remove the pain of joint impact experienced during land based exercise. This will allow your dog to exercise fully and with a greater range of motion.

Hydrotherapy is also a fantastic mental stimulation for your dog as it will be able to move in ways it hasn’t naturally been able to and, for more sustained periods, as stamina and muscle mass is rebuilt in a pain free environment.

The renewed mental and physical stimulation seen in the pool will also be seen during land based exercise as fitness levels rise and muscles are developed to better support the joints, creating a better quality and quite often, prolonged life.

You may also be able to reduce or remove the need for pain management / arthritis medication subject to consultation with your Vet.